How to change your wi-fi router password in 5 easy steps?

Sometimes, we wonder if our neighbour is free riding our internet connection. Everyday, millions of routers are cracked and everybody can suffer a lower speed, but also leaks of personal information. It is awesomely easy to change this situation to reduce this risk.

  1. Once you´re connected with your current configuration, you should have a look at the back of the router.
  2. Typical home networks use IP addresses that start with 192.168. Often the router will have an IP address such as  or Check at the back or bottom of your router.
  3. We will keep looking at that useful datum. It should say user and Password (do not mix it up with the password we will use to secure our connection).
  4. Once we have everything, let´s go to your computer and tablet. In the browser, we will look for 192.168.X.Y in the address bar and press “Enter”. We will fill the blanks with user and password while accepting to go through.
  5. There will be a tab named “Security”. Click there and it will show you SSID name (how you find the router name) and Password. Feel free to change them, be careful and take note of the data introduced (otherwise you will need to call your provider to restore) and press “Apply changes”. The router will restart with the new security parameters.

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